Name: La revolución de los espacios
Type: Competition
Result: Submitted
Year: 2019
Organization: La Casa Encendida
Tipology: Installation
Surface (est.): 350 m
Team: Alejandro, Eduardo

The project proposes in this context the transformation of the conference and workshop space into a domesticity staging, that is, in a large house, where the living room or kitchen appears as spaces that integrate and enable the development of many more activities than those for which they are intended.
For this, not only a spatial and furniture design is proposed, but the development of a choreography that allows users to feel “at home”. Therefore, it is proposed, to begin with, a division of the courtyard of the Casa Encendida in different areas that would correspond to different areas that we could find a home: the hall, the kitchen, the patio or the living room.  Distributed as if it were an exhibition space, and with clearly differentiated aspects, all have a single function, serve as a platform and observation points for conferences, and subsequently after small reconfigurations be the same for workshops.