Name: The Visitor
Type: Competition
Result: Submitted
Year: 2018
Organization: Evolo
Tipology: Craft-Space Colony
Surface (est.): 12500m
Team: Alejandro, Eduardo
Images: act visuals

The “spatial era” started trying to send a human mission to the Moon. Now, 30 years after, the scientific programmes are focusing to land on Mars. Words as colony, settlement or martian are common to us. Could we imagine that way? How will be the rockets have developed to that moment? Based on the design and size evolution of the air and space transport we could approach to the next gen: A rocket city, a visiting society to another planet. Moving to Mars needs to solve the transporting and the construction system to build a new home for the humanity. However, The Visitor, presents a balance where the vehicle and the living facilities are together, just like a skycrapper with engine motors. The whole structure works as a building containing a colony.The building-vehicle provides energy and supplies as a part of the living system.