Name: House of Muses
Type: Thesis
Result: With Honors
Year: 2017
Tipology: Museum, Cultural
Surface (est.): 9800 m
Team: Eduardo

Cities might be consider as art containers.Which is the reflection between the society and history with the idea of museum?The House of the Muses adresses this question providing a new way to approach to art in connection with history,city and users.

The project is based on two main actions.
Re-connecting the city.The location,Alameda de Osuna,is a depressive area which in the past was one of the most concurred places by scholars and talented artists as Francisco de Goya.This connection is not only physical,it is also emotional and historical,where the new arts containers should have a global perspective of society.

When we talk about art we tend to imagine some paintings in a planned itinerary. The project emphasizes the idea of freedom.Why the user cannot be free to decide his approach to art?There is a reflection between the old and antique museums which they were likely Wonder Chambers without restrictions. This is a call for museums conservation.In addition,Spain is traditional in this approach, where you can only see paintings that are selected to be exhibit.Museums as Reina Sofia or Prado have more than five thousand pieces resting in their basements. What the project does is to enable the users to observe the art as they want,creating a new atmosphere where paintings,new technologies and interpretations come together.

It’s about cities, it’s about density

“I took the inspire based on the very first crafts, long low steel ships”