Name: The Breeders
Type: Thesis
Result: With Honors
Year: 2018
Organization: EAUAH
Surface (est.): 3800 m
Team: Angela

“Breeders is the first surrogacy center in the country. Both parents of intention”

Currently, Surrogacy is in the spotlight being the focus of debate and making society question whether this new way of facing motherhood and the family has a place in our current world. The new television series, the books with women as powerful protagonists and acceptance by certain social groups.

This new approach has caused individuals to question their position in practice. It is true that it is already a legal process in many countries, in some of them carried out completely wrong but is it possible that gestation surrogate become something accepted? How could our society accept it?Is it possible to control it by being pregnant and respected pregnant mothers during the process? The project studies the possibility that the Surrogacy is legalized in our country.

“A non-close environment to provide spatial quality”

In a supposed near future this new approach to motherhood is legalized and Th Breeders is the first surrogacy center in the country. Both parents of intention as pregnant mothers should undoubtedly meet requirements thus guaranteeing success of the process and these mothers will have a slow and thorough follow-up so that the practice
is carried out in a natural way and always positioning the woman on a step