Name: Bridge to the Future
Type: Competition
Result: Submitted
Year: 2020
Organization: New York Urban Planning
Tipology: Infraestructural, urban design
Surface (est.): 36.000 m
Team: Alejandro, Angela, Eduardo
Images: act visuals

Bridge to the Future aims to reorganise the mobility of the Brooklyn Bridge while maintaining its character as an urban hotspot through the transformation of its walkable deck. Areas that allow the coexistence of different users are proposed, adapting the space to the different ways it is experienced. The bridge is so transformed into a more complex and adaptative urban device, prepared to adapt itself for the needs of the future: green mobility and increasing occupation.

The Brooklyn Bridge has always adapted itself to the evolution of transport through history. First conceived as a railway infrastructure, later transformed to receive cars, now a new adaptation is needed in order to properly enhance the paradigms of green mobility through confortable walkable paths and bike lanes. In this sense, history is not interpreted as the way the device is used but as his visual and material continuity. That is why the project aims to maintain the essence of the Bridge through the use of two materials, wood and steel, while transforming at the same time its user experience.