Name: Atemporal
Type: Competition
Result: Submitted
Year: 2018
Organization: Trujillo City Council
Tipology: Cultural and Urban
Surface (est.): 1800m
Team: Eduardo, Laura
Images: act visuals

The project recognizes the nature and identity of Trujillo and in a stony context appears a route which offers the visitors the oportunity of discovering the medieval city from different hights. The idea of continuity and overlap is in the whole intervention area.  A pathway of heritage, by means of pavements and textures, takes the user to the Parque de la Coria, passing in front of the entrance of the Jardines del Convento, which are the anteroom of the main landscaping intervention.

The buildings generate an urban square, a common place that allows private and public programs to be operated on horseback between the Xavier de Salas Foundation and the Trujillo City Council looking at the Coria, building that makes up the place. From the project, an axis is generated, an urban layout through pavements and textures that take the user to the Coria Park, passing through the entrance to the Convent Gardens, which are the prelude to the main landscape intervention. Project a path, a path in continuous dialogue with the wall, where a series of observation platforms allow to approach the point of contact between rock, wall and user. All intervention originates as a single set.